MobileHCI 2014

Just back from MobileHCI, where I attended the doctoral consortium to talk about my research so far in my PhD to other students and academics (nice to meet everyone 🙂 ).  I also presented our full paper, Comparing Evaluation Methods for Encumbrance and Walking on Interaction with Touchscreen Mobile Devices, which is available to download for free until September 2015 from the ACM Digital Library.


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CHI 2014

I will be presenting our accepted paper at this year’s ACM CHI conference which will be held in Toronto, Canada.  The presentation will be on Tuesday 29th April under the CHI session – Understanding and Modeling Touch.

Our full paper, Investigating the Effects of Encumbrance on One- and Two- Handed Interactions with Mobile Devices, examined targeting performance on a touchscreen mobile phone in different input postures while carrying everyday objects, such as shopping bags, and walking at the same time.

Update: Our paper is now available to download from the ACM digital library.


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