Full Conference Papers

Ng, A., Williamson, J., and Brewster, S. Comparing evaluation methods for encumbrance and walking on interaction with touchscreen mobile devices. In Proc. MobileHCI 2014, ACM Press, 23-32 . PDF

Ng, A., Brewster, S., and Williamson, J. Investigating the effects of encumbrance on one- and two- handed interactions with mobile devices. In Proc. CHI 2014, ACM Press, 1981-1990. PDF

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Ng, A., and Brewster, S. The relationship between encumbrance and walking speed on mobile interactions. Ext. Abstracts CHI 2013, ACM Press, 1359 – 1364. PDF


Workshop Papers

Ng, A., Brewster, S. and Crossan, A. The effects of encumbrance on mobile gesture interactions. In Proc. Body, Movement, Gestures & Tactility in Interaction with Mobile Devices Workshop, MobileHCI 2011. PDF


Doctoral Consortium

Mobile HCI 2014 in Toronto – Sept 2014. PDF

SICSA MMI(Multi-modal Interaction) at the University of Stirling (Scotland) – June 2013.